About Open Mind Shift and Josh

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Unfortunately Josh Kelly has succumb to the gravity of the blogosphere and decided, completely unsolicited, to share his ideas for free with the world.

I believe that ideas are like love (or magic pennies, if you remember the song): best when they’re shared freely, without expectation, and without too much attachment to them. I don’t own ideas, they just come into my mind and when I feel like they’re useful I write them down.

I hope that some of these ideas, or the way I present them, can be useful to you as well.


Why Open Mind Shift?

I sit at a convergence between a number of different budding and evolving movements: Next generation of meditators and contemplatives, internet-based bootstrapped entrepreneurs, and digital nomads. Here is where I’ll share my thoughts, insights, and struggles of this juncture.


Who the hell is Josh?

To assign myself a solid and stable identity would be directly in conflict with my insight practice, but I’ll give you a bit of history.

1991 – Lucky enough to have been created by loving parents.

1992 (estimated) – Started wondering what the heck is going on here with humanity and earth, asking why, and thinking deeply. Apparently I haven’t stopped doing that.

2006 – Graduated from Peninsula School, and entered the world of “education” as a hierarchical placement system.

2010 – Graduated Gunn High School in Palo Alto, ready to save the world from impending food crisis and environmental destruction.

Jan 2011 – Came home from Sterling College in Vermont severely depressed, as I had my first inkling of the impermanence of the human species. Decided trying to save the human species from self-destruction through small-scale agriculture was hopeless.

June 2011 – Read Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Work Week and was introduced to the world of lifestyle design.

Jan 2012 – Started experimenting with affiliate websites, embarrassingly enough, within the context of “make money online.”

Aug 2012 – Left Prescott College after a summer surfing class and went to Guatemala where I studied spanish, started and ended my first unsuccessful business venture, and started a band.

Jan 2013 – Graduated from “make money online” to the beginnings of real entrepreneurship and started experimenting with filipino VAs, and SEO processes.

May 2013 – Got my first SEO clients and suddenly had a positive cashflow business!

Sept 2013 – Fell into a purposeless funk after breaking up with an amazing young woman, got introduced to meditation and the awakening scene by my therapist, and decided to get a one-way ticket to Thailand.

Feb 2014 – After getting a divemaster certification, going through what I think was an arising & passing (one of the first steps on a the progress of insight toward awakening), trying to pull a buddha-under-the-bodhi-tree where I sat in my room for 5 days trying to get enlightened and almost lost my mind, meeting some amazing digital nomads, and finally finding a real meditation teacher, I’m on my way to Chiang Mai to build a business I’m excited about, meditate, contemplate, and find community.

If you find any of this interesting, I’d love to here from you. Shoot me an email: josh@kellys.org